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The New Road | Proposal 10: Trauma-informed Provider Incentives

Explore critical details about the reasoning behind each proposal and the intended effect to increase transparency and effectiveness of NH's Child Protection System.

Read the long term Cost Analysis statement associated with leaving NH's Child Protection System "as is."

10.  Trauma-informed Provider Incentives

In NH, no doctor currently holds this board certification and there are only 4 nurses who are certified to do sexual assault exams on children. Medical professionals are an integral part of the child protection system, and NH is currently lacking experts in this field. In 2015, a report issued by the Endowment for Health stated that the retirement or removal of just one medical professional who works in abuse and neglect in NH would collapse the entire system.  As a state, we need to work to incentive doctors and nurses to obtain these specializations to strengthen the medical aspect of child protection.

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