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Speak Up New Hampshire


Last October, NHPR announced that DCYF was soliciting feedback from all NH stakeholders, including youth and families. Upon our closer inspection, what DCYF was asking for was information about potential future services that could be used for contracts and procurement.


We hear every day from families who have feedback about how the system can change for the better, and we're asking you to trust us with your time and emotional effort. The New Road Project does not want to see an opportunity for community feedback be squandered, and for families and others to give up in frustration. For this very reason, we sought to collect feedback that was compiled and presented to DCYF, Governor Sununu, the Office of the Child Advocate, the DCYF advisory board, members of the legislature, and the media. 


The inaugural Speak Up Report will become a biennial effort from The New Road Project that regularly addresses the many gaps in the New Hampshire child protection system by offering feedback on the direct community impact. It also works to establish proposed solutions to improve the system that so many children and families rely on for safety and protection.

As the 2021 legislative session draws to a close and is being packed with bills focused on child protection reform, this opportunity helped us start paving a new road, to speak up and inform those who hold budgetary and discretionary power what is important to the community as families, professionals and citizens.


Your feedback is always welcome and we encourage you to always Speak Up.