at the March for Children and Families

I'd Like My Child, My Family, or Myself  Remembered
If I am using a minor's full name (first and last), I verify that I am the child's legal guardian and allow their name to be used in the way(s) I designate in the choice box below. If you are not the legal guardian, please just go back and use the first name. Thank you!
I feel myself, my family, or my child suffered the following while involved with some aspect of the NH child protection system:
I would like my or my child's name and/or story collected and used as part of the following:
Thank You For Your Interest


We recognize that NH's child protection system has caused generational trauma.  If you are an adult now, but were involved in the system in the past, we want to honor and recognize your suffering.  Please submit your name.

We also know it is not just children that suffer in this system, and that whole families are affected.  We are also glad to honor you as a parent, or your family.

When submitting the name of a minor child, we will only use the first and last name if you click that you are the legal guardian of the child and give consent for their name to be used in its entirety.  Otherwise we will just use the first name.

We are not yet sure how we will be using names and stories provided, but have provided several possibilities in the form, which you can select.  We will only use names and stories in the way which you select you are comfortable with.

While only a few parts on this form are mandatory to fill out to allow for your desired level of privacy, depending on how you are hoping to have your story shared, we may not be able to share it without certain information provided by you. 

The purpose of gathering a list of names of children and families to remember who feel they have been caused harm while involved with institutions and systems charged with ensuring their care is not to decide, assign, or advertise fault, but to provide a collective time of remembrance, grieving, and healing that has so far been lacking in our community.  It is also to remember that if many families are exiting these systems feeling belittled and depleted rather than empowered and more capable, there is work to be done, and a New Road is needed.

It is not the job of The New Road Project to verify details in stories (nor would there be a way for us to do that), but to simply provide a space for families to share their perceptions of their own stories.  To that end, we ask that anyone making submissions be a good steward of this community and have integrity regarding what you share.

Thank you for your courage and conviction in sharing what we can only assume is a difficult experience.

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