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The New Road | Proposal 12: Child Endangerment Oversight Post Report 

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12.  Child Endangerment Oversight Post Report from Helping Professional

After helping professionals such as therapists, teachers, doctors and nurses, or others who interface with children report suspicions of abuse or neglect to DCYF, they should be able to trust that an accurate and timely assessment will occur that will recommend an action to be taken to keep a child safe. However, as DCYF continues to prove, in many cases that is not what happens. 


Professionals may continue to call with continued or new concerns, with little to no response from caseworkers, and little other recourse. An infrastructure needs to be created in the state for reporters, who many times are also professionals in fields related to child protection, who feel that DCYF is not taking appropriate action and that children are in continued danger. That infrastructure needs to trigger a response from an independent entity, such as the Office of the Child Advocate, to investigate these complaints. This is another reason why it is important to pass legislation to give the Office of the Child Advocate authority to insist that DCYF take directed actions.

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