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The New Road | Proposal 4: Mandatory Education and Licensure Disclosure 

Explore critical details about the reasoning behind each proposal and the intended effect to increase transparency and effectiveness of NH's Child Protection System.

Read the long term Cost Analysis statement associated with leaving NH's Child Protection System "as is."

4. Mandatory Disclosure to Families of Education & Licensing 

Currently, CPSWs do not have to disclose their educational background to families, under the auspices of a privacy invasion that puts the worker in danger.  However, disclosing one’s degree and level of mastery of a subject in no way puts someone at increased risk.  If that were so, mental health professionals, teachers, medical professionals, and anyone else working in similar capacities with children and families would be at the same risk, and would not be required to reveal their license or degree.  This measure seems purely designed to hide from families that the person making life changing decisions that could impact their family forever may not really be qualified to do so.  Families have every right to know who they are involved with, and should be able to be assured that their expertise is commensurate with the responsibilities they are tasked with carrying out.

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