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The New Road | Proposal 9: Trauma-informed Training for Law Enforcement Partners

Explore critical details about the reasoning behind each proposal and the intended effect to increase transparency and effectiveness of NH's Child Protection System.

Read the long term Cost Analysis statement associated with leaving NH's Child Protection System "as is."

9.  Trauma-informed Training for Law Enforcement Partners

Law enforcement professionals are an integral part of the child protection system. To our knowledge, after conversations with law enforcement professionals, there is no formal training for officers involved with juvenile investigations, besides what they learn from job shadowing. What we currently know now about childhood abuse and neglect is much different than what we knew several years ago, and it is always evolving. Law Enforcement needs to be armed with this knowledge for accurate investigations that will best protect children and families, and they need to systemically commit to staying abreast of this information. We look forward to partnering with law enforcement agencies who realize how vital this commitment is.

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