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Our Mission

Education | Activism | Advocacy

1. Educating families, helping professionals, and the greater community on what they can do to navigate the system and contribute to reform efforts

2. Activism through holding those in power accountable and creating initiatives to harness public momentum 


3. Advocating for solutions that keep NH's children safe from harm through policies based on research and best practice

The New Road Project aims to challenge New Hampshire's child protection system to change through advocacy of better laws and policies that improve child protection in our state, through activism that draws attention to flaws and possible solutions within the system, and through education of families and professionals enabling them to navigate the state's child protection infrastructure and learn what to do when things go wrong.

Let's Work


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New Hampshire's children are depending on you.


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Then please consider helping support our financial sustainability. The New Road Project is run completely by volunteers. The need for child protection reform is great and we can't accomplish our goals without help from the community. Every dollar helps and donations are handled securely through PayPal, which sends a receipt to your email. Thank you!

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