Below, please find some resources that could be helpful when trying to advocate inside of the child protection system.  All resources have been created by The New Road Project, and are accurate to the best of our ability and understanding.  As policies and other things are updated at times, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. However, these should definitely serve as a guidepost and starting point.  Please credit The New Road Project if you would like to share our templates,


Policy Summaries regarding child protection

These are summaries of the policies inside of the DCYF Policy manual specifically regarding child protection. Find it here.

We will be adding additional sections regarding foster care policies and juvenile justice.


Glossary of terms used in the child protection portion of the DCYF manual

A list of how DCYF defines important terms related to child protection.  Find it here.

We will be adding additional glossaries regarding foster care and juvenile justice.


Child Protection Assessment Case Review Template

This template is useful when trying to interpret what has happened during an assessment while reviewing case files.  It lists what a caseworker was supposed to do and by when, and allows the user to fill in if the task was done.  Find it in a Microsoft Word document here or PDF here.


Supporting Caseworkers Infographic

A one page explainer on how improving conditions for case workers helps NH families. Find it here.


DCYF Child Protection Assessment Process Slides

Slides from a Power Point presentation about the steps in the assessment process that DCYF is supposed to follow after receiving a report of abuse or neglect.  Find it here.


TNRP Response to the Oct 2019 OCA Child Fatality Systems Learning Review

In the Fall of 2019, the Office of the Child Advocate released a report summarizing findings from a systems learning review done with DCYF staff about child fatality cases.  TNRP read the report and noted our reactions as advocates and professionals in this area to the findings and assertions made in the report.  Click here to view the report itself. with our comments.  To view the TNRP commentary, please click on, or hover over, the yellow icons throughout the report that look like Post-it notes.

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