"I shall call the pebble dare...Dare shall be carried, and when we both have had enough, I will take him from my shoe singing, 'Meet your

NEW ROAD."- By My Side, Godspell

NH is great in many ways.  By some metrics, it's one of the best places to raise a family in the country.  But that can't be true if we do not pursue justice and fully-funded resources for our children.  It's time to live up to our values of greatness. It's time for a

New Road.

About Us

While almost everyone can agree that New Hampshire's child protection system needs to be reformed, many feel that doing so is an impossible task.  At the New Road Project, we acknowledge that true improvement of this system will take a complex balance of factors that can seem daunting.  This has been true of almost any complicated social problem throughout history, and yet we as a society have managed to create solutions.  We are daring to build and walk down a New Road to child protection in New Hampshire, and we invite you to join us.

The New Road Project is made up of volunteers who are  families who have had first hand experience with DCYF, as well as individuals and professionals who have witnessed the dysfunction and injustice of the system and are striving to make it better.  We are social workers, attorneys, medical providers, child care professionals, parents, aunts and uncles, friends, neighbors, and citizens demanding that NH does better to take care of our children and families.

We view the mandate of DCYF as a social contract- if state law demands that DCYF is called when abuse or neglect is suspected, then the State is responsible for sending qualified and competent workers who utilize best practice in their decision making and are knowledgeable in leaving families better than they found them.

This is a bipartisan issue that everyone should be concerned about for four reasons: 

Our Mission

We aim to challenge the system to change through advocacy of better laws and policies to improve child protection in our state, through activism to draw attention to flaws and possible solutions in the system, and through education of families and professionals to navigate NH's child protection infrastructure and learn what to do when things go wrong.

We are in the process of incorporating into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

I AM...

A parent or family member of a child involved with DCYF

A social service provider who has concerns about how DCYF is handling an assessment

A current or former DCYF CPSW who has concerns about things I've seen at work

A community member who is disturbed by what is going on and wants to get involved

As many of us have learned, DCYF can become involved in your life at any time, regardless of any individual factors about you or your family, including your parenting style. Examples of how this can happen are if someone else abuses or neglects your child or due to contentious custody and co-parenting issues.  Once they become involved, navigating the dysfunctional system that is child protection can be nothing short of a second job and a nightmare.

A government representative who wants to know how to advocate for my constituents

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