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The New Road | Proposal 11: Whistle Blower Channels and Protections

Explore critical details about the reasoning behind each proposal and the intended effect to increase transparency and effectiveness of NH's Child Protection System.

Read the long term Cost Analysis statement associated with leaving NH's Child Protection System "as is."

11.  Whistle Blower Channels and Protections

After speaking with the State of NH Employee's Union, we know that many DCYF employees are concerned and unhappy with things they are observing or experiencing at work, but many feel too intimidated to officially complain. Even though technically there are mechanisms in place for employee complaints, if people do not feel that they are safe to use or know that they exist, they are inherently ineffective. 


We call for either the development or a strengthening of an infrastructure that employees can use to report issues at DCYF.  Whether this means increasing marketing efforts for existing systems, organizing unified action so that employees do not have to complain alone, or creating a whole new system, this is something that is vital to transparency, to keeping workers and families safe, and for holding leadership accountable. Who knows what is happening better than the workers on the ground?  We need to empower those workers who are trying to follow best practice and do the right thing to speak out in a way that does not unnecessarily punish them, whether directly or implicitly.

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