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The New Road | Proposal 1: State of Emergency

Explore critical details about the reasoning behind each proposal and the intended effect to increase transparency and effectiveness of NH's Child Protection System.

Read the long term Cost Analysis statement associated with leaving NH's Child Protection System "as is."

1. Declaring a State of Emergency for the Child Protection System

Via  NH RSA 4:45 Governor Sununu or the General Courts, after a resolution passed by both houses of Congress, have the ability to declare a State of Emergency if, "a natural, technological, or man-made disaster of major proportions is imminent or has occurred within this state, and that the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of this state require an invocation of the provisions of this section."  Doing so would allow NH to request federal funds to support meaningful change that addresses root causes in the system, rather than temporary fixes that will lead us back to the same place in a short time. 


Gov. Sununu himself called what is happening with DCYF a ‘crisis’, and it is certainly true that NH does not have the funding to address what is happening on its own. The New Road Project calls for a budget to be created that will estimate the true cost of overhauling the child protection system with a comparison of costs that will be incurred if we do not properly fix this issue, and then requesting the needed funding from the federal government.

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